Michele Gennoe

Professional speaker, author and innovator empowering women leaders in the digital age

In a time of unprecedented change, stress and opportunities, Michele's mission is to work with women so that they can reconnect to their innate joy in life.  

She believes that we were not born to live life in a form of auto-pilot, working, sleeping and living each day as if the busy-ness and fast-pace of the day was an end result in itself.  

Instead she is passionate about her belief that we are born to thrive and to live in joy.

Successfully leading in the Digital Age to create workplace wellness is one of Michele's most successful key-notes where she shares this message.  She takes audiences on a journey where they see what they need to do to empower themselves, and build a life where they are living Joy.

All of Michele's work is experiential as this is the greatest way that she has found for audiences to hear the information, reflect on it, and to walk away at the end of the keynote with key tips that they can easily implement in their lives.

It is the extraordinary combination of street smart stories, with the latest research on the future of work and workplaces, that enables Michele to empower her audience to be the change that they want to see in the world.

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