Virginia Mendez

Award winning Author, international speaker and founder of "one conversation at a time, that is how we change the world"

Virginia is the author of “Childhood Unlimited: Parenting beyond the gender bias“ a book of how-to and what-next guides, but also inspiring discussions about why it matters - for girls, for boys, for trans kids. A balance between accessible summaries of current research, interview with experts and useful tips on what to do about it all.  Because when we know better is easier to do better.

She is also the author of the series of children’s books “Mika & Lolo” which deal with topics that are important (stereotypes, consent...) with bilingual options and translated into 5 languages.

As a public speaker she has participated in debates, hosted events, moderated panels and delivered workshops in schools, communities and corporations. She is asked frequently to participate in podcasts, youtube channels or to write articles about topical feminist issues.

She is also the co-founder (along with her husband) of The Feminist Shop - an ethical brand that educates on the topic of feminism and shares profits from the sales with organisations fighting for gender equality.

Multilingual and with 8 years of experience in the corporate and SME world, after her second child, she decided to put her skills to work by creating a business she believes in and one that can make a real positive change. One that keeps growing. She has been recognised as one of the145 Inspiring Women Leaders by Diverse In Globaland,  and she was selected as one of the Top 100 UK #iAlso f:Entrepreneur 2020.

Her talks can be completely bespoke for your event or you can be inspired by some of her most demanded ones:

- Parenting Beyond Gender bias: As a mum of both a boy and a girl, a children's author and passionate about growing the next generation in a more open way.

-Bias At Work: We have made huge progress toward equality but unconscious bias still plays a role in the way we recruit and develop professionals, translating into a loss of value for people and companies. By not developing diverse teams with different opinions and thoughts companies are missing out on a huge opportunity to become not only a better workplace but also more profitable.

- Unlearning What We Know: From the history of feminism, or a quick conversational guide of what is going on and what are the current demands to achieve more equality she can provide a thought-provoking angle that works for you:

“From start to finish Virginia was an absolute pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend utilising Virginia for events. Her passion for change and honesty around her continued learning was admirable and shone through, even in the virtual world! “
Hal Shal, director of Gender IQ, AON insurances

“Virginia was instrumental in our successful DiveIn event for He, she, they; together championing for change. From her engaging session to moderating an insightful panel discussion. We couldn’t recommend Virginia more and we look forward to working again with Virginia in the future.”
Jane Harley, Gender Inclusion Network (GIN) Co-chair.

“Virginia is a natural communicator, she is engaging and thought-provoking. She is really personable and relatable and it will be impossible to watch tv, buy books or go shopping for my kids without her words resonating in my head. “
Sarah Brady, feedback from the Human Rights Festival talk.

“Virginia is a natural born communicator delivering a powerful message with clarity and honesty.“
Una Carlin, owner of Carlin Creative Events and Communications

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