Kate Christie

Time management expert, best selling author, global speaker

Kate Christie is a Time Management expert, Speaker, best-selling Author of four time management books, and a sought after media commentator.

Kate is highly regarded for her dynamic, engaging and entertaining presentations where she educates audiences on the right strategies and habits to ensure they find and harness hours of lost time.

Kate's 4th book (Wiley): "Me First - The Guilt-Free Guide to Prioritising You" has been described as the 'working mums manifesto'.

It is written specifically for smart, savvy, working women who are also mums and it tackles topics such as Mother's Guilt, Imposter Syndrome, Never Saying No, and the need to start prioritising themselves.

As a leading voice on productivity, Kate consults to both big and small business, government departments, C suite executives, and educators on productivity, maximising individual time spend, and combatting organisational drag through smart time investment strategies.

As a media commentator, Kate has worked with Kochie’s Business Builders, The Daily Edition, SBS News, the ABC Pineapple Project as well as on the radio and in print media.

With a reputation for helping her clients find 30 hours of lost time a month, your audience will leave with:

- the 5 steps they need to take to regain control of their time

- 40+ strategies they can implement for immediate time gains

- an action plan for what they are going to Outsource, Insource and Reject

- the inspiration and motivation to live the life they love!

Kate is in the business of helping you find time. Lots of time.

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