Piensia Ferdinand Ngirwa

Empowering women and girls socially and economically to tackle gender equality

Piensia Ferdinand Ngirwa is a youth advocate with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. She speaks Swahili and English.

“I am passionate about educating young girls on gender equality and helping them to develop leadership skills, mindsets, and self-confidence in the community.”

Piensia is a national advocacy champion for girl-powered nutrition, Girl Guide young leader and trainer, and graduate in Business Administration in Health Services Management.  

For several years, Piensia has been working on the empowerment of girls and women socially and economically through the formal and non-formal education.

As an advocacy champion for girl-powered nutrition, she encourages more girls and women to engage with a good balance diet and develop a strong and healthy body, free from disease.

She works with local decision-makers to improve access to education around nutrition with the goal to reduce anaemia in girls and adolescents across Tanzania.  

She aims to break gender barriers in her country, mobilising and raising awareness of the barriers that exist and proffering solutions to challenges faced by girls in her community.

Ask Piensia about:

Action on Sustainable Development Goal 5 – gender equality
National campaign to improve access to nutrition education and awareness
Training on girl-powered nutrition

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