Dr Linda Wilson

Understand the science of change, procrastination and the emotional roadblocks to success.

Speaker, Author and Presenter Dr Linda Wilson helps organisations develop happy, growth focused people.

Topics include:

Understanding why we Procrastinate and Fail and what to do about it;
The mindset and skills to successfully goal set and change habits;
The emotional mastery skills that ensure success.

Whilst confidence is crucial, having an adaptive mindset is even more so.

Understanding the ways we operate inside our mind expands our capacity to engage, contribute and thrive.

For example; procrastination is the not the problem - it is the solution, failure is a learning tool as long as we do it properly and our reality is simply an expression of our expectations.

Bringing a unique perspective on personal and professional growth Dr Linda Wilson helps people develop adaptable minds beyond the past.

Conceptualising a 'bigger vision' linked to values, passion and #eachforequal benefit creates flourishing, productive and successful people and societies.

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