Tony Craddock

Diversity in changing times - how the payments industry is setting out to address gender inequality

The payments industry has typically been dominated by men.

The Emerging Payments Association set out to discover why this was the case and what it meant for leadership, gender stereotypes, barriers to progression & organisational success and profitability.

In this impassioned presentation from the Director General of the Emerging Payments Association, the findings of the community's research into attitudes of both men and women towards discrimination, bias, preferences and workplace behaviour with be revealed.

The 7 recommendations that the community is setting out to implement will be described and the importance of change agents, of whatever gender, will be emphasised.

Tony is an enthusiastic business leader of the world’s most influential trade association in payments, a lively public speaker and avid networker, Tony is passionate about payments and the difference it can make to lives everywhere.

Tony champions payments technologies globally. He shares his deep payments knowledge, borne from 15 years in payments and evangelical zeal for innovation, when speaking and chairing conferences, publishing books and white papers, or enrolling payments leaders to join the EPA’s collaboration network.

A serial entrepreneur; Tony invests in many early stage payments and PayTech companies – enabling them to succeed in a highly competitive payments ecosystem.

Tony conceived and launched the Emerging Payments Association (EPA) in 2012, where he is Director General. The EPA promotes the UK as global hub for payments innovation and the interests of the EPA’s 150+ members, which include banks, card schemes, PSPs, issuers, processors, acquirers, who all come together to drive collective industry change.

Tony also leads the communities of EPA Asia, EPA EU, EPA US and EPA Africa. His vision is that this global network of interconnected capabilities, people and knowledge will prove to be truly transformational in how the world works, for the benefit of everyone.

In 2019, Tony set up the Inclusion Foundation, a not-for-profit platform company promoting products that help address financial exclusion.

Tony also received the European Women in Payments Judges’ Choice award for supporting diversity across Europe.

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