Fatme Kayed

Empowering women around the world to become the best versions of themselves

Women Empowerment built inside every woman since birth

The difference between women empowerment and feminist

ME Region Women empowerment added value – the most critical GCC deeper UAE

UAE is the highest country of the women Empowerment 24%

Society added value regardless of skin colour and religious

The power of the inner peace

The power of your influence in society

The power of your thinking and you can shift yourself from a situation to another

More and more is all about the women in society and what can they do for themselves

Fatme appreciates if we can have more workshops in the GCC region and she can provide my full support; the community in GCC needs more awareness and exposure about the women empowerment and how to execute it and to let understand their values from in to out – head to toes.

She is a Positive vibe spread person, dynamic, and always runs ten steps per seconds.

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