TracyAnn Schuur

Unleashing the wise woman within

TracyAnn Schuur is the founder and CEO of HgH Integrative Aromatics and Kitchen Witch Botanicals Brewery.

As an herbalist, aromatherapist and a botanical chemist/formulator, TracyAnn develops personal wellness plans and supportive botanical products for women to address chronic, acute or everyday wellness concerns.

She is passionate about empowering other women to attain a state of whole wellness - encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual aspects of themselves.

TracyAnn has worked with every age and stage and she swears she has heard “soul song” as she held space and treated cancer survivors healing from radiation burns, dementia patients as memories surfaced, young women as clotting, contractions and heavy flows receded and menopausal women as they replaced their shame and anxiousness with a sense of life accomplishment, pride and honour.

Her motivation comes from what generally would be another’s impediment, her own health chaos.

TracyAnn, through a process of personal and post-secondary learning, was able to thrive despite three long-term health diagnoses.

She was able to find natural management and say good-bye to 12 out of 13 pharmaceuticals and find happiness, fulfillment and balance personally. After experiencing first-hand, the nutritive value of nature’s bounty, she wanted nothing more than to provide hope and help to others in similar circumstances.

Walking away from a 15-year career as a project manager in the gas and oil industry, TracyAnn founded HgH Integrative Aromatics to provide health coaching and physical services to women seeking a more natural health alternative.

She eventually began to provide her botanical products to retail locations and developed her own brand, “Kitchen Witch Botanicals Brewery” which has a large selection of everyday wellness and self-care products like deodorants and shampoos, that deliver botanical health benefits.

Her thought process was one of simplification. “What if the things we do and use everyday anyway, could deliver botanical medicines to support our health challenges, improve quality of life and encourage everyday wellness?”

TracyAnn is passionate about women’s health. One of the most motivating factors for her is the need for change in the societal perception of menopause. She believes that menopause is cause for celebration and ceremony, not something to be endured or shamed for.

She offers herself as a speaker and holds workshops on the subject to share her message of hope, empowerment and personal authenticity with other women.

Her message, “Unleashing the Wise Woman Within” is appropriate for women of all ages and stages of life and is an inspirational presentation about honouring your ancestral lineage, digging deep to find self-love and supporting each other as women through life’s journey. It is poignant and passionate, empowering and energetic, and sure to move the women in your circle.

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