Goldyn P. Smith

A whistleblower sharing how to survive toxic workplace culture.

Goldyn P. Smith, a native Atlantan developed a passion for writing and the creative arts at an early age. Smith published her first book Disruptive: 7 Keys For Working Women Experiencing Hostile Environments.

After complaining about racial discrimination, the work environment became toxic and hostile. Once Smith witness a coworker's sexual assault, she blew the whistle and was fired. Smith found an attorney to began litigation. After a series of events, she fired her attorney and litigated her case alone through Federal District Court and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Disruptive is Smith's story of navigating a hostile work environment, keys she adopted to protect herself and advice on questions to ask HR, an attorney you may need and what to expect from the litigation process.  Smith also provides resources and practical advice to women on how to survive a hostile environment and if necessary what to expect from the litigation process.

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