Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Feel confident, inspired, and empowered with money. Become a kickass homeowner!

Caroline Jean-Baptiste is an award-winning mortgage broker, speaker, author of Buy That House - How kickass women make it happen (2019) and reformed spendaholic.

She is the type of woman who makes things happen.

Caroline is driven to help women be financially empowered and secure through property ownership. Seeing women evolve through their money journey is what she loves most, along with building wealth for a financially fantastic future.

After witnessing many women struggle to take control of their spending and gain confidence around finance and the home buying process, Caroline created the MONEY strategy – a clear and simple process toward buying that home.

Money. It makes the world go around. But if you can manifest it, manage it and master it, the world is yours. So together let's kickass and make this happen.

Carolines popular speaking topics include:

The MONEY strategy: Many people fear, or feel overwhelmed that the prospect of owning a home is so far away.  Caroline sees plenty of high earners not achieving their wealth goals due to their spending habits and mindset. The MONEY strategy is a clear and simple process toward buying that home.

The BLISSS principles: Caroline talks about how you can master the art of discreet juggling and how you can build a career AND family simultaneously.  Over the last 15 years Caroline has built an award-winning business alongside a growing family of 4 children and a wonderful husband. The BLISSS principles show how you can have it all.

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