Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Inspirational neurodiversity expert with lived experience of ADHD, autism, late diagnosis and recovery from severe mental illness

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is a consultant specialising in neurodiversity.

Described as funny, inspiring and compassionate, she brings a unique blend of professional and lived experience to her work.

Passionate about accessibility, Rachel transforms people's lives, helping them not just cope with their challenges, but to thrive.

Rachel has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience despite living with the myriad challenges - not just of ADHD and autism - but complex long-term mental health problems too.

She finds in her audiences and clients a deep-seated need for someone to whom they can relate, to be honest about their challenges.

She has also brings hope, showing that it's possible for someone very broken to recover from depression and anxiety, and live a full and authentic life.

A trained and experienced public speaker, Rachel builds a rapport with her audience as she weaves her personal story with fascinating facts and unique insights into the world of neurodiversity and mental illness.

She helps audiences understand and embrace their differences, just as she has learnt to. Rachel ensures every individual is given something useful at her talk - something they can take away and use to make changes in their own lives too.

"The best talk I have seen this year."
“Absolutely brilliant! Humourous, compassionate and thought-provoking.”
“Incredibly moving.”
"I learned and laughed so much."
“Absolutely wonderful.”
“Easily the best talk of [the conference].”
“So compelling and funny and emotional. Absolutely superb.”

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