Evonne Englezos

On a mission to eradicate burnout by helping busy professionals master how they process psychological pressure and become MindStrong

Evonne equips business owners and busy professionals with the skills required to strengthen their ability to process psychological stress and the confidence to know how to respond to whatever challenge they face.

She does this through her professional training in Psychotherapy and Human Resource Management together with her personal experience of being an entrepreneur, working in corporate and overcoming her own mental health challenges.

Evonne believes that until individuals solve the problem of how they process psychological stress, they will never reach their full potential in business.

There is an epidemic of burnout and stress related illnesses because we are missing what truly matters and that is the quality of our relationships, our family life and careers.

Evonne believes that there are no human weaknesses, only skill deficiencies and that fundamentally when we know better, we do better.

Evonne uses humour and real-life examples from her triumphs in overcoming mental health issues, perfectionism, shame, and people pleasing to help the audience feel open to explore topics that can often feel uncomfortable to discuss. The audience will walk away validated, energised and inspired to take action.

Her particular focus is on helping business owners and professionals be better equipped to navigate the complexities and stressors of business. Many business owners focus on the two traditional metrics of success – money and power but are ill equipped to process the psychological pressure as it happens, and this leads to three major problems.

Exhaustion - leading to burnout, Fragility: having low energy, low tolerance to stress and being quick to break and finally Freezing: no energy for fight/flight and end up self-sabotaging. Left unchecked these can lead to fractured relationships, self-medication, the inability to process emotional chaos, making poor decisions, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging success.

Evonne's is able to fuse her current focus on helping individuals become Mindstrong (how to Recognise what’s happening, Regulate yourself and Respond in the most appropriate way) together with her past experience of working with high achieving professional women in the world of Body image and disordered eating.

In 2012 she co-founded Australia's very first intensive outpatient program for women with eating disorders. She shows that a major factor impacting women's progression, and gender equality, is the over focused energy on women's body/weight/diet.

Evonne Co-Founded Mindstrong Global, a training and development company where the approach is a fusion of executive coaching and integrative psychotherapy. They teach busy professionals and business owners how to cultivate the mental strength and resilience to lead against all odds - using the MindStrong Method.

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