Samantha Baldwin

Founder of Phonics Stars, working with children and families to make a difference and offer opportunities

Founded in January 2015, franchised in 2017, Phonics Stars™️ is a fast growing company. With almost 20 class leaders delivering fun and engaging sessions to children, families and educational settings as well as holding training in preschools and nurseries, childminders and schools, parental work shops and even bespoke birthday parties.

Phonics Stars™️ has been carefully planned to provide the foundations for learning in a fun, active and stimulating environment, supporting children with their transition into formal education and helping with school readiness.

Phonics Stars™ is an educational and interactive club which provides classes to children and parents or carers. They also hold private classes within preschools and nurseries as well as after school clubs and birthday party packages tailored to your child’s interests.

Classes are theme based and focus on learning through play and activity. Developing listening skills and promoting the importance of phase one Phonics is high on their agenda.

They reinforce phoneme and letter recognition through play based learning. Their shimmi dance links to visual tracking, formation and crossing the midline. Their body actions and games links to the correct pronunciation of sounds and synthetic phonics.

They believe in developing muscle and motor strength prior to handwriting and helping children to be strong in order to support their pencil grip and stamina. There are a range of activities provided. These offer children a variety of learning opportunities which link to the EYFS, letters and sounds, fine motor, coordination, some number work – and they all connect with the main theme of the week, and that's just for starters.

Children have fun learning through play, body actions and dance routines. They help to bring letter sounds to life!

Children and adults are actively involved in dancing, singing, arts and crafts, story telling and of course LOTS of FUN LEARNING through PLAY.

Sam was inspired to set up her business after working closely with children and families, inspired to make a difference. The experience gained in childcare and education for over ten years, having experienced the challenges children, families and schools have, she decided that she could make a positive contribution to children’s futures by founding Phonics Stars™️ Ltd. Sam is determined to make a difference to the lives of children, families, teachers and offer franchise opportunities.

Sam is extremely passionate and committed to making a difference and offering opportunities. I Phonics Stars™️ is a now a fast growing, award winning company with franchisees in various parts of the UK.

Supporting young children through high energy and active classes which incorporate phonics, speech and language, muscle development, listening and communication, audible development, letter recognition, memory skills, dance, movement and imaginative play.

Working closely with children, families and early years settings.

Samantha Baldwin, the founder of Phonics Stars™️ is a positive, hardworking and conscientious individual.

Working within management for Next retail for ten years embedded high expectations and a belief in the importance of exceptional customer service.  These expectations have stayed with her and have been transferred into all aspects of her working life.

After her first child was born, she operated as an Ofsted registered Childminder, achieving ‘Outstanding’ in all aspects of my business. Following further qualifications she became an Early Years Educator in an ‘Outstanding’ London Primary school.  

Having experienced the challenges by both children and schools, she decided that she would take a brave step to make a positive contribution to children’s futures by founding Phonics Stars™️ UK Ltd.

Sam is now working hard to offer opportunities and spread the benefits of Phonics Stars™️ to children, families and communities across the UK.

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