Nirmala Rani

Development sector professional for over 23 years holding a masters from Eastern University, Pennsylvannia

Nirmala develops partnerships with corporate and institutions at domestic and international level to support communities along with socially responsible organisations bringing about long term positive change.

Marketing and communication, project management & execution thereby leading to development & sustainability are her core strengths.

She has a wide experience, knowledge and understanding of CSR partnerships, legalities and employee engagement modules while being a bridge between the affluent and the needy.

She currently leads research partnership in India for a leading UK based university forging alliances with NGOs, corporate and academics while heading Secret Projects UK subsidiary in India as the Country Director.

She has been awarded as the second best at the Asia Level on Women Lead Initiative for Clean Energy organised by USAID Private Finance Advisory Network.

Nirmala has also been awarded as the best teacher for developing working science models at the district, state and south India level in her early years as a teacher.

Heading business development at Habitat for Humanity India, Oxfam India and ChildFund, she is an excellent orator connecting with her audience and forging long term partnerships.

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