Chari Pack

Mastermind behind Persnickety Prints since its inception in 2008

Chari Pack has been the mastermind behind Persnickety Prints since its inception in 2008.

Stressing over precision and details is what has made Ms. Pack a successful business woman for more than 15 years. At Persnickety Prints, Chari is responsible for all operations, including backend support, online ordering, the Persnickety Prints blog, social media, newsletter, and all other web-related services.

Chari also successfully manages the Persnickety Prints store and print lab in Orem, Utah, along with her team of Persnickety all-stars.

Before founding Persnickety Prints, Chari helped numerous organizations increase their online presence and revenue through her creative services. Chari's excellent retail knowledge and expertise comes from over 10 years of service at the retail industry giant, GAP.

When Chari is not working on the next business goal, or calling a customer about their low resolution image, she is driving one of her 3 boys to a soccer game, tennis lessons, or scouts. You may also catch her at the nearest gas station grabbing a 44 oz. Diet Dew (mixed with a little cherry + extra ice).

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