Hiroo Chothia

Experienced international business strategist, executive coach, non-exec director, speaker and author

As an entrepreneur for 24 years, Hiroo has walked in the shoes of business owners and truly understands the anxieties and overwhelm associated with running a business, no matter what size of business.

Despite achieving initial success in her business, with early contracts, the first few years were really challenging and a real roller coaster - as the contracts were incredibly erratic.

During those years, she really grappled to find the right balance.

Finally, after many trials and expensive errors she devised her unique Business Growth GeneratorTM proprietary system to generate consistent sales which helped her to build an international consulting and coaching practice.

In her upcoming book: IGNITE!- 5 Proven Strategies For Sparking A Strong, Scalable and Sustainable Business, she provides entrepreneurs with the exact proprietary system she has used to grow two successful businesses, as well as the system she has used to assist numerous clients in over three continents to build 6-figure and beyond businesses.

Despite being diagnosed with a chronic & degenerative illness seven years ago and being told she would never work again, she has totally reinvented her business and continues to serve her clients globally.  

She has spoken at various UK and international events including NASDAQ London, CB Womens Forum, corporate and industry events and for government bodies. She was 2019 Finalist at the Professional Speakers Academy Awards.

Her perspectives have been featured on ABC, NBC, Inspire, FOX, Edge, Medium, CBS News, Paris Business Magazine, NASDAQ, the London Business Magazine, Page One Woman as well as on a number of podcasts.

She is passionate about gender equality and parity as in her various salaried, consultancy, advisory and non-executive roles, she was often the only senior female at the table. She has partnered with international organizations to mentor women globally, especially from emerging and developing markets. Additionally, she has worked with and advised industry and government leads on gender equality issues and mentored aspirant female leaders.

She is a strong advocate for women and passionate about empowering women to be able to reach their optimum potential and financial independence.

Hiroo is invited to speak on a range of topics, these include:
- How resilience can work for and against you in life and business
- Why gender equality is for everyone!
- The 5 key steps to driving lasting success in your business
- How to create the right work-life balance
- Transformational Leadership - purpose, clarity and impact
- Stay ahead go the curve and the competition
- 7 Key habits of really successful entrepreneurs
- Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!
- Stop Playing Small - Instead Aim Big!
- Don’t become a statistic - how to avoid becoming one of the 33% of entrepreneurs who fail within one year or 55% who fail within 5 years.

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