Tania DeSa

TEDx Speaker empowering audiences to be seen, heard and valued at work

Tania is CEO of Desa Global Leadership Inc - your boutique leadership development and DEIB consulting partner. As a diverse professional in the corporate world, Tania was often the only woman, minority, and youngest member on the team. Inspired by her experience of being ‘othered’, she channels her insight into empowering others to own their differences and be seen, heard and valued at work for who they are.

Since founding Desa Global Leadership, Tania has become a globally acclaimed TEDx Speaker renowned for unleashing the power of owning your awesomeness on 5 continents. From captivating speaking tours to empowering and actionable keynotes on International Women’s Day, her infectious, high energy and interactive style position her as one of the most sought-after female speakers for Fortune 500 organizations across the globe.

Tania has inspired employees across industries and geographies at Google, Intel, Cigna, Munich Re, Yale University, Bell, American Express, CN Rail, Scotiabank, Calvin Klein and Samsung. Having graced 50+ international events, she has shared the speaking roster with influential figures such as Maria Shriver, Jane Fonda, and Ashley Judd. Get in touch and discover how Tania can inspire, activate and empower your teams to action today.

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