Vanessa Perumal

Influential subject expert and a digital disruptor in activating and providing global Communication, Media, Public Relations, Publicity solutions

A passionate Pan Africanist, Vanessa is a futurist and has positioned her expertise, skill sets, career and business mastery in offering African Solutions to global problems.

Vanessa is a pioneer, connector, innovator, visionary, activist, change agent, feminist, social entrepreneur, humanitarian. Having launched JT Communication solutions in 2004 Vanessa continues to disrupt business models to create innovative solutions in the media, marketing and communications sector.

A passionate pan Africanist and social entrepreneur, Vanessa believes in exploring the power of digital in a technology era to transform the way we produce and distribute African content. She has successfully scaled her business from a traditional PR, Publicity and Communications agency to include a turnkey 360 degree Media and visual solution which even in its infancy is making waves.

Vanessa's footprint as a media strategist is highly recognised and sought after and through her leadership, has effectively delivered in supplying and creating content for distribution in a digital era. Within the sectors she influences Vanessa is positioning her business model as a strategic aggregator of positive African content using digital to connect to global markets.

Vanessa also is a serial entrepreneur and a conscious about making every effort to use her resources to support social cohesion. From been active and on the forefront of Bring back our Girls, Fees Must Fall, No Xenophobia to her bilateral with Timbuktu's Festival of the Desert Vanessa is known to lead from the front and walk her talk.

Determined to scale African products and nurture an agile ecosystem that speaks to using technology to its full potential. Vanessa continues to disrupt varying business and social sectors determined to ensure economic transformation is possible.

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