Julia Barnes

Boss teacher, teacher entrepreneurship trainer, Online course creation coach, author

Julia Barnes has worked as a classroom teacher at both the Secondary and Early Childhood levels since 2006.

She holds a First-class honours bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.

Julia exudes a spirit of excellence in her profession so much so that she became the four-year group leader and valedictorian of her class in her studies to become a trained and certified teacher.

In 2014, she launched her first online course on the topic of freelancing while working as an online freelancer.

That experience proved to her that she did not have to confine her teaching expertise to the classroom but could comfortably extend her skills and expertise to the online world.

Julia emerged as a "teacherpreneur" in 2018.  She runs an independent education development company that uses modern technology to transform the teaching and learning experience both in and outside of the classroom. She does this by impacting change in Jamaica and online through:

-teacher entrepreneurship training
-online business coaching
-online course creation coaching
-education technology classroom strategies training.

Today, Julia's mission is teaching coaches, professionals and educators how they can share their skills, knowledge and expertise with the world using online courses.

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