Selena Fox

Ecofeminist, Nature priestess, women's ceremonies facilitator, Goddess studies teacher, writer, podcaster, diversity consultant, administrator, women's equality activist

Selena Fox has been a speaker as part of her multi-faceted career journey for more than fifty years.  

She presents keynotes and themed talks, facilitates small and large group discussions, guides inner journeys of healing and empowerment, and creates and leads small and large group ceremonial experiences.

Selena's presentation topics include women's empowerment, women's spirituality, gender equality history, Goddess studies, Nature therapy, ecofeminism, and Nature mysticism.

Since her youth, Selena has been an activist for gender and racial equality, environmental preservation, and progressive social change.  In 1968, she helped lead gender equality reforms at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia USA, and the following year was a co-founder of the campus group, Women's Equality.  Selena graduated cum laude with a BS in Psychology in 1971.  

In March 2019, as part of Women's History Month, Selena returned to her undergraduate alma mater as part of the COLL 300 multicultural scholars program and the 100 Years of Women program sponsored by the university as part of its commemoration of the 100th anniversary of admission of the first women to the campus.  

Selena's work for women's equality over the years has included being among the first women admitted to graduate studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 1971 when it was still an all male undergraduate institution.  

In Autumn 1972, Selena moved to Wisconsin and worked for a time as the executive assistant to Kathryn (Kay) Clarenbach, co-founder and first chair of National Organization of Women; organizer of the National Women's Political Caucus, founder of the Wisconsin Commission on the Status of Women, and other endeavors.  

In 1975, Selena broke into the then predominantly male world of corporate photography when she became the first female professional photographer hired by CUNA Mutual Insurance Society in Madison, Wisconsin.
In 1980, she became one of the first women religious leaders and the first Pagan priestess to engage in international interfaith dialogue when she was among the speakers at the Human Unity Conference in Chicago.

In 1988, she was among the speakers at the World Council of Church's first international interfaith dialogue conference for women which was held at Victoria University in Toronto.  

Since 1993, Selena has continued her ecofeminist interfaith speaking and networking through the Parliament of the World's Religions and other organizations in North American, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

In 1995, Selena graduated with a M.S. in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and began presenting talks on her thesis, When Goddess is God, including at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting that year.

From 1992-2001, Selena served on a feminist foundation funding projects that benefit women.

Selena continues to speak at a variety of conferences and other events and facilitate croning ceremonies and other women's life passages.  She continues to help others through her ecofeminist psychotherapy and counseling private practice.  In addition, she also continues her work through podcasting and social media.

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