Catherine Jewell

How to Finally Make that $100K Salary - behaviors, attitudes and actions you can take now to upgrade your status at work

How to finally make that $100K Salary

Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach

You are probably a rock star professional who is stuck in the $70Ks or $80Ks salary level. You WANT to earn more. You even DESERVE to earn more, but don’t know how to get there. Like so many of life’s changes, this is mostly and inside job, at least at first. Changing your attitudes helps, a lot. But, there are actually 8 behavioral changes that will get you there faster. Catherine Jewell specializes in helping high-performing professionals who want to up-level their jobs by one or even two salary bands. Come find out how you can earn more doing the job you love.

Presenter: Catherine Jewell is passionate about helping everyone get a job they love. She has been known as the Career Passion® Coach since 2000 and is a certified Professional Career Manager (PCM). Through coaching, speaking events and webinars she has helped more than 3,000 adults identify and win the job, status and income they deserve. She is the author of three books on career changing, including New Resume New Career, the only resume book featuring 50 real career change stories.

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