Frankie Dewar

Resilience, grit, bravery and joy: Life lessons from overcoming hardship, accessing the outdoors and chasing adventure

Frankie shares her life experiences of being a young carer, supporting her mother with cancer and overcoming crippling anxiety to get to a place of joy and bravery.

Topics covered can include resilience, grit, bravery and finding joy. Providing the audience with key actionable tips that they can take home and implement immediately to shift their trajectory towards a more wholesome life.

Living outside the box, Frankie, is an adventure chaser, travelling and working seasonally in different countries around Europe she has a Freelance Career in Tourism and Events.

A keen climber, mountaineer, skier, biker and hiker she lives and works from her van part time, and is keen to share talks on why others should avoid standard career paths and live to their full potential as their true authentic selves.

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