Keira Ingram

Known as the Real Estate Queenpin because she makes real estate bosses

Keira Ingram is known as the “Real Estate Queenpin” because she “makes real estate bosses”. She’s a dynamic real estate broker of two real estate brokerages, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, founder of the Advantage Business Academy, and every property investor’s secret weapon.

As a real estate investor specialist, Keira is a prime mover. She’s always switched-on to help her local and foreign clients build solid investment portfolios and fix investment missteps. She brings over 15 years’ of real estate experience into play, to drive her investors to wealth and freedom.

She currently mentors and manages over fifty agents across two brokerages in multiple states and earns six figures from her real estate businesses alone.

In 2018 she started the Advantage Business Academy - the only African-American owned state-approved, real estate school in Philadelphia, PA. Her pre-licensure classes, mentorship sessions, professional development coaching and workshops help real estate professionals identify and achieve their goals.

Keira’s book, “How to Become a Real Estate Boss”, is an expert guide to support new and existing real estate agents launch or relaunch their careers with confidence. It addresses some of the recurring questions she receives from agents through her businesses, speaking, coaching, and training.

A dedicated wife, mother of four, and woman of faith, Keira has managed to prioritize her family over her businesses while still achieving her goals.  She is a believer of life-work prioritizing vs balance, her focus is to make sure that quality time is a priority.

She always makes time to create meaningful connections with her family. They love laughing, eating together, and the thrill of perilous outdoor adventures.

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