Genevieve Piturro

A human connection speaker

Genevieve Piturro is the the founder of the national nonprofit, Pajama Program, author of Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning; and inspirational speaker on finding your purpose (Pajamas!) and bringing meaning into your life. (Sample presentation below)

Genevieve was a successful television marketing executive until she dramatically changed the direction of her life. She found her true purpose when a sudden voice inside her head challenged her life as she knew it. In 2001, she founded the hugely successful national non-profit, Pajama Program, when a six-year-old girl’s question changed her life forever and she jumped off the corporate ladder! Almost twenty years later, Genevieve’s Pajama Program has delivered 7 MILLION magical gifts of new pajamas and new books to children throughout the US.

Genevieve is now a professional speaker and personal strategy coach, sharing life and leadership lessons she learned through her Pajama Program journey. Her first book: Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning, was released in 2020.  Her debut TEDx talk: “1 Idea + The Human Connection = 7 Million Pajamas and Books” also debuted in 2020.

She has been interviewed on and in many local and national media including most recently, Hallmark’s  Home & Family show, OPRAH, TODAY, GMA, The Early Show, CNN, Fox & Friends, O Magazine, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Parenting Magazine.

Genevieve rang the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell in 2016.  She has been the recipient of many local and national awards as she inspires others to listen to their heart-voice in pursuing their passions. Genevieve lives in Irvington,  NY with her husband, Demo DiMartile.

Has your heart been calling out for you to make a change? Are you feeling compelled to do something with more meaning and purpose? Living a more fulfilling life means taking the time to invest in yourself and that dream you've had on the back burner. Let's find out if it's a Jump or a Slide that gets you on the path to that dream. It just takes this first step to change your life in ways you've never imagined and you will know more joy, freedom, peace and satisfaction.  Imagine that!

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