Michelle Jenneke

one of Australia’s most well-known athletes, Aussie hurdler Michelle Jenneke is notorious for her pre-race dancing

After a video of her pre-race dancing went viral in 2012, Michelle has been involved in various high-profile, promotional campaigns for brands including: Coca-Cola, Puma and Blistex.

Away from the track, Jiggling Jenneke has been aligned with many charities and campaigns, including White Ribbon, New South Wales Cancer Council and was the ambassador for the Westpac Life Saving Rescue Helicopter Service in 2013. She also volunteered in a Tanzanian orphanage school.

Career Statistics:

- 1st place (100 m hurdles) at 2016 Australia National Championship
- 5th place (100 m hurdles) at 2014 Commonwealth Games (Glasgow)
- 2nd place (100 m hurdles) at 2010 Summer Youth Olympics (Singapore)

Interesting Facts:

- Her pre-race warm-up dance originated in 2009. Michelle was feeling flat, so she decided to dance along to the music being played on the track before her race. She then went on the perform well, discovering that entering a race in a positive frame of mind was beneficial to her performance.
- Is studying Engineering (Mechatronics) at University of Sydney

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