Katie Stevens

Businesswoman, V8 Supercars Australia ambassador, and health, fitness & beauty expert

Katie Stevens is a woman on a mission.

With three successful businesses, an ambassadorship for V8 Supercars Australia and a prominent involvement in World, Beauty, Fitness & Fashion (WBFF), it makes you wonder that maybe the person who coined the phrase ‘you can’t win ‘em all’, was dead wrong.

Her fearless and open approach to business is a key component of what separates her in the world of influencers.

Katie's brand Minding Her Business has sold out every event they have launched and has become one of the fastest growing brands in Australia. She is an expert on getting the most of her situation and using the gifts of the people around her to create high performing teams.

Katie’s endearing personality in conjunction with real-life successes in the health, fitness and beauty industry is what entices audiences to join Katie on her journey to come.

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