Morgan Mitchell

Arguably the biggest name in world athletics

Morgan Mitchell is an Australian Track and Field athlete, who has competed at both national and international levels in the 400 metre sprint and the 4 X 400 metre relay. In 2019, she switched events to now focus on the 800 metre event.

Morgan has represented the country at Commonwealth Games and the Rio Olympics in 2016. She started athletics in the 200 metre event after watching Cathy Freeman compete in the Sydney Olympic Games.

At one point, Morgan quit athletics to pursue netball. She returned to athletics ahead of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.  

Morgan is a vegan athlete, turning to a plant-based diet in 2014. She was one of the athletes featured in global documentary presented by mega stars James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and others, The Game Changers.

Morgan is passionate about fashion and style, and has been featured by Vogue Australia and many other media outlets.

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