Patricia Seabright

Author of She Said! - a millennial womans guide to being heard

Subtle but insidious societal biases are silencing women and holding them back.

Patricia's long experience in sales leadership and consultancy in sales, communication speaking and influence, led her to conclude that subtle but insidious biases have created a silencing paradigm that goes someway to explain the slow pace of progress towards gender balance.

Patricia has always been a passionate advocate of gender balance in the workplace and has recently published a book called “She Said! “which is a practical handbook for women speaking and being heard, overcoming the silencing drivers and unconscious bias in organisations.  The first half of the book focuses on raising awareness of what these biases are, because half of the issues is women themselves being unconscious or unaware of the issues.  

One recent review of the book in The Institute of Leadership magazine said,

"Have you ever read a book, hoping it would live up to its title and actually provide you with the insight you're hoping to gain from it, only to be disappointed when you get to the end of it and you’re still no better off? Well, I’ve got good news for you – this isn’t one of those books.
Patricia Seabright has written an easy to- read and research based book with practical advice and
tools to help women speak up and speak out in the workplace and beyond"

Patricia has spoken at countless events (such as the Westminster Forum’s Women in the workplace conference, and multiple women’s groups within the sales, political and financial services sectors). and been published in numerous magazines such as the Daily Mail / CEO magazine, the Stylist and HR futures  

What attendees will get:

A session that is interactive, entertaining , thought provoking with no punches pulled!

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