Diane Demetre

Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach & Author

Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach and Author, Diane Demetre has helped audiences master their mindset and create extraordinary results.

Diane Demetre is a passionate, energetic speaker who bring decades of life, business, and onstage experience to her presentations. With over forty years teaching, speaking, coaching, counselling and leading teams of people, Diane has amassed enormous wisdom and helped countless clients create extraordinary results while still achieving a work/life balance.

Blending science, psychology, personal empowerment, and mindset methodology, she will help your audience break free of their limited frame of reference, and with one quantum shift of perspective, master their mindset.

A successful entrepreneur, Diane has owned two multi-million-dollar businesses - an internationally acclaimed resort in Vanuatu and a quality accredited, Australian company with hundreds of staff across four states. Diane understands the challenges leaders face - the fear-based fixed mindset that clouds decision-making, the heightened levels of stress that produce overwhelm, and the severe periods of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Blending science, psychology, personal empowerment, and mindset methodology, Diane helps audiences break free of their limited frame of reference and, with one quantum shift of perspective, master their mindset. Drawing from her leadership experience, which began as a trailblazer in education and entertainment, Diane brings real-world experience and expertise to leaders to change the lens through which they see themselves and their world to effect radical transformation.

A cross between a savvy business leader, behavioral scientist and energy psychologist, Diane is as comfortable speaking to thousands or coaching one-on-one as she is working with senior executives to solopreneurs, practitioners to parents, and managers to meditators. With a long-standing theater, television and radio experience, Diane is able to hold the audience in the palm of her hand. Diane is a fresh, energetic speaker who loves what she does, and audiences love her practical strategies that they can apply personally and professionally. Audiences regularly comment on her command of the room, the power of her presentations, and her unique approach that has them dancing in the aisles. As an award-winning author of multiple books, Diane possesses the rare ability of distilling complex information into easy-to-understand takeaways, delivering it with light-hearted humor, warmth and infectious joy for life.

For her outstanding achievements, Diane was awarded the SBAA 2019 International Women's Day Leader Award for Leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts & Media Industry.

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