Nancy Medoff

Equity evangelist and keynote speaker with a unique take on women at work. It’s time to speak up and stop building our own glass ceiling.

Embrace Equity & Speak Up to Stand Out

Nancy Medoff; equity evangelist, best-selling author, award winning podcast host and keynote speaker has literally “written the book" with her unique take on women and confidence.  

Isn’t it about time we speak up and stop building our own glass ceiling?  Behold- the keynote session created to end the confidence crisis.

Nancy’s keynote is a customized, deep dive on her best-selling communication play-book; Unmute Yourself and Speak Up to Stand Out.  Some speakers talk about empowerment; Nancy walks the talk and provides actionable tools which inspire women to ask for and get what they deserve at work; long after the conference has ended.

Equity is not always about money, it’s about opportunity. This could mean the unicorn job, high profile projects, garnering resources or simply being recognized for your ideas and unique value. Embracing equity empowers women with the skills they need to raise their hand and get their seat at the table – then build a bigger table. Individuals, leaders, and senior executives all have a role in embracing equity and every attendee will leave this session with actionable takeaways for themselves, their leaders and their organization.

We start with The Million Dollar Problem - have you ever applied the gender equity wage gap to a career lifetime?  We have and the numbers are staggering. Equally concerning is how much this lack of confidence costing your organization.   Both women and men experience self-doubt, question their value and are at times uncertain.  The difference?  Men take action anyway.
Speak Up: Tactics for women to overcome conversation gender bias, stop apologizing for speaking, and real-life proof that confidence impacts outcomes. “Excuse Me, I’m Speaking” and “Say This Not That” empower women to speak up and raise their executive presence.
Stand Out: First we debunk Imposter Syndrome then own our “it factor”  by using persuasive communication to get and keep the attention of any room.  Attendees will step into their strengths with an interactive exercise using Nancy’s Power Positioning Template.  They identify their core strengths, hone in on exactly who they are and what they want to do, and in doing so lay the foundation to light that spark then use it to set their career on fire with their Power Positioning Statement.
Step Up:  The call-to-action for women to shatter that ceiling and walk through the doors being opened for them with clarity and confidence. Steps to recruit our Personal Board of Directors, network like a ninja and own our responsibility to amplify each other.  Because a rising tide lifts all boats.

After completing the program attendees will:
• Learn, practice and implement proven tactics to overcome conversation gender bias
• Step into their authenticity and create the path to catapult their career
• Communicate their value with certainty, clarity and confidence when the stakes are high
• Embrace equity at all levels of the organization through awareness, inclusion and invitation

Learning methods:
• Facilitator led discussion
• Power Positioning Template
• Breakout group role plays (or chat discussions)
• Small group discussion

If you’re looking to energize the room, change your company culture and inspire action long after the conference, look no further.

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