Nancy Medoff

Confidence Catalyst, best-selling author, top 5% podcaster on a mission to amplify women everywhere & build a bigger table

Inspire inclusion long after your conference ends with Nancy Medoff; keynote speaker, "Confidence Catalyst”, best-selling author and top 5% podcaster who is on a mission to amplify women everywhere and build a bigger table.

Unmute Yourself to Inspire Inclusion is a game changer. A call to action for professionals who are ready to speak up, stand out and step up to amplify women and build a bigger table.

This IWD customized keynote provides a deeper dive into Nancy’s best-selling step-by-step communication playbook. Some speakers talk about empowerment; Nancy walks the talk and provides actionable tools for women and men to overcome gender bias, debunk Imposter Syndrome and real life, and relatable anecdotes to communicate with clarity and confidence.

When you unmute yourself, you amplify. When you amplify, you inspire others - you inspire inclusion.

Individuals, leaders, and senior executives all have a role in creating company culture and attendees will leave this session with fresh insights, a renewed commitment and a specific action plan for themselves, their leaders and the organization to inspire inclusion long after the conference ends.

Speak Up: First, we debunk Imposter Syndrome with tactics for women and men to overcome conversation gender bias, stop apologizing for speaking, and real-life proof that confidence impacts outcomes. “Excuse Me, I’m Speaking”, Say This Not That, and Recruiting your Personal Board of Directors empowers women to Speak Up.  

Stand Out: Then, we use this newfound confidence to own our “It Factor” by using persuasive communication to get and keep the attention of any room.  Attendees will step into their strengths with an interactive exercise using Nancy’s Power Positioning Template to identify their core strengths, hone in on exactly what they want to do, and in doing so lay the foundation to light that spark and use it to set their career on fire.

Step Up: Here we go deep and look at how women and men behave at work, to shift from inclusion after the fact to invitation before action. We develop scripts, brainstorm scenarios and create a personal manifesto to amplify each other and shatter that ceiling. Because a rising tide lifts all boats.  

After completing the program attendees will:
• Learn, practice and implement proven tactics to overcome conversation gender bias
• Step into their authenticity to create a road map for where they’re going professionally
• Communicate with certainty, clarity and confidence when the stakes are high
• Support a culture of invitation before inclusion at all levels of the organization with their personal manifesto

Learning methods:
• Facilitator led discussion
• Power Positioning Worksheet
• Breakout group role plays (or chat discussions)
• Personal manifesto to inspire inclusion

If you’re looking to energize the room, support a culture of inclusivity and inspire action long after the conference, look no further.

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