Alana Kirk

Best-selling author, journalist, motivational midlife coach & speaker empowering women to redefine midlife

Motivational midlife coach and speaker, empowering women to redefine midlife. Best-selling author and journalist.

Alana Kirk will explain why we are currently a unique and transformational generation of women, and how we can take advantage of unprecedented circumstances to redefine what it means to be mid-aged.

Alana Kirk will discuss gender imbalance in the home; how women can overcome gender social bias and conditioning to live a more self-focussed life; how to challenge and change gendered stereotypes; how to seek and embrace change; how to manage thoughts and beliefs that hold women back; how to strive for self-care amid the demanding roles of parent-care; child-care, home-care and community-care; how to thrive, not just survive peri and post menopause; why today's midlife is an unprecedented opportunity for women to thrive and seek new powerful potential... and how.    

She is currently running a social media campaign called #MidLifeWins highlighting women in all areas of life, some stories of which will be used in her latest book, The MidLife Manual

Alana Kirk has spent many years supporting women through workshops, events, talks, TV and radio interviews including BBC Women's Hour, RTE 1 and TV3 shows, speaking at the M-Word event, webinars coaching women in business through Dublin LEO (Local Enterprise Office) Women in Business Network, and her own MidLife Coach webinars and resources.

As a freelance journalist she continues to write about issues affecting women in a variety of media including the Irish Times.

Her best-selling memoir, The Sandwich Years, documented her struggle sandwiched between the care of parents and young children, an experience affecting more and more women.  She is completing her second book, The MidLife Manual early in 2021.

She has been a storyteller all her career, and continues now to ensure women find their voice.

As Deputy Director of UNICEF Ireland she highlighted the voiceless, visiting countries such as Iraq and Sierra Leone, and as Director of Fundraising and Communications for Barnardos, Ireland's largest children's charity, she gave voice to issues affecting women and children in poverty. As she then raised her own three young daughters, she continued working for the non-profit sector as a freelance campaign copywriter, while studying and building her career as a life and leadership coach with additional training in women in leadership.

As The MidLife Coach she helps women transform their actions and beliefs to find and live their most powerful potential.

Alana is a local business woman, single parent, coach, and a woman who has overcome considerable challenges herself, so she doesn't just encourage and teach resilience, courage and finding strength, she has lived it her whole life.  

She speaks with clarity, a forthright style and humour, from short 10-minute talks, ‘Lunch & Learn’ and other network webinars and workshops, motivational keynote speaking, and workshops and training.

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