Jackline Mjema

Empowering women and girls with mental health education to realise their potential

Jackline Christopher is a community development activist, upcoming philanthropist, and an artist engaged in acting, poems, and quotes writing.

She has worked in various organizations such as Kite Dar es Salam as Publicity Officer and Unleashed Africa in engaging with the community as an actress in Open Arts Nights that are facilitated by Unleashed Africa and BRAC Tanzania, a community development organization that is focused on the alleviation of poverty within the community as Communications Officer.

She has also coordinated numerous charity events and community banquets that aim to make humanity come to life.

"I am more focused on empowering girls and women mentally as a society throw all the rocks possible in attacking their mental wellbeing"

She is the founder of the Power of Sentence, a platform for youths that aims to celebrate The Power of Sentence by sharing experiences. This tends to see the influence of a sentence negatively or positively to the youths by hearing from real-life experiences.

She is also the author of The Hundred Sentences and the Words That Follow quotes book, which is a series of uniquely crafted sentences in form of quotes and poems that address different life themes and aim to speak closer to an individual’s mind.

I have worked in various organizations in serving the community in human rights, through education.

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