Dr Joanna Martin

Founder of One of many - Unleashing the bold, grassroots leadership of 1 million women internationally

Dr Joanna Martin (Jo) is a visionary, coach and catalyst; whose message and work have directly impacted over 120,000 people on four different continents.

A qualified doctor, trained actor and coach, Jo launched One of many in 2014 to help women leaders to increase their impact without burn out.

Since launch, One of many has reached over 70,000 women around the world. Their tools and principles have been applied by women in industries across the spectrum: rail to real estate, pharma to finance, politics to police, manufacturing to medicine, law to life in general.

An internationally acclaimed and award-winning speaker, Jo is also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She is a committed financial investor in the work of The Hunger Project and has trained over 70 of their fundraisers and facilitators.

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