Apsara Hewage

Meeting everyday challenges to create better changed souls

Apsara is an academic, animal activist, motivational speaker, sports addict and a business coach with more than two decades in practice. She has been often called “an assortment of positivity” and “a solution artist” by her colleagues and students.  

She is currently positioned as the Deputy Dean of the London School of Commerce, UK and connected with various academic and development sector initiatives.

She has been a passionate academic and participated in various national and international forums talking about the mompreneurship, hybrid entrepreneurship, Change, Girls can do, and the art of female positivity.

She is willing to volunteer in women’s day celebration as a resource person. Her interest is in supporting the empowerment of rural and grassroots level women/girls in positivity, change challenge, entrepreneurship or “phoenix phenomenal” a model of positivity.

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