Ifeoma Esonwune

Award-Winning Women's Empowerment & Gender Equality Advocate | Keynote Speaker | Leadership & Business Coach | Author | Facilitator and Business Mentor, Inspirational Speaker

Ifeoma Esonwune is the remarkable Founder and CEO of the STAR Women’s Empowerment Initiative and The STAR Women’s Network Inc., Canada, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to empowering women globally. She is a sought-after international speaker and an award-winning women’s empowerment and kids’ life coach. She’s also a certified leadership and business coach, a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality, a captivating podcast host, a dynamic publisher, and an esteemed career success mentor who has emerged as a leading force, driving transformation and creating opportunities for women to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Armed with a solid educational foundation, Ifeoma holds a Bachelor’s in Communication, showcasing her aptitude for effective Communication and connection. She’s furthering her commitment to personal and professional growth with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, promoting her understanding of human behaviour and psychology, which undoubtedly enhances her capacity to empower and mentor women effectively.

Ifeoma’s journey towards empowering women began long before the inception of the STAR Women’s Network and STAR Empowerment Initiatives. Armed with a profound understanding of the challenges women face, she embarked on a lifelong mission to dismantle barriers and pave the way for their success.

Ifeoma’s impressive portfolio of roles and expertise reflects her multifaceted commitment to uplifting women. Her certified leadership and business coaching skills enable her to guide individuals and organizations toward achieving their goals, fostering a culture of diversity and excellence. As an international speaker, she captivates audiences at Universities, Women’s Sports organizations, Public Libraries, Women’s networks and International Women’s Day events in Canada, the US and Africa with her insights on women’s empowerment - how women can rise above self-doubt to unleash their inner power, gender equality, and leadership, inspiring positive change wherever she goes. As a career counsellor and mentor, Ifeoma Esonwune offers invaluable guidance and support to women navigating their professional journeys, helping them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Her dedication to fostering women’s empowerment extends to her role as a podcast host on Power Your Truth Podcast, where she engages in meaningful conversations that resonate with, inspire, and motivate women from all walks of life. Ifeoma is also a publisher, leveraging her platform to amplify women’s voices and stories, creating spaces and opportunities for women to thrive. Through commitment and dedication, her empowering initiatives have evolved into a global powerhouse, impacting the lives of countless women through innovative programs and initiatives. Whether providing mentorship or economic opportunities, Ifeoma has been at the forefront of creating pathways for women to realize their full potential.

Ifeoma’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom. She is a thought leader and an international advocate for women’s rights. Her insights, grounded in years of dedicated work, have inspired countless women and girls. With an impressive track record of achievements and a relentless drive for progress, Ifeoma Esonwune continues to champion the cause of women’s empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on the world. Her leadership is a beacon of hope for women everywhere, inspiring them to dream bigger, reach higher, and break through every barrier in their path to success.

A multi-award winner, Ifeoma’s work and voice have been featured in multiple mainstream media in Canada. Her biggest dream is to see a world where every woman is empowered to shine. She embodies the change she wishes to see and remains a guiding light for those who believe in the power of women to transform societies and create a brighter future for all.

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