Tracy Pepe

TedTalk speaker sharing journey as a mother with a child on the spectrum

Tracy Pepe has built dozens of experiential design collaborations with architects and interior designers that are based on sensorial expansion - adding the intertwinement of scent strategy and colour to create newly deepens ways of visitor sensation.

As seen in her TedTalk, "What if?" is a delightful presentation that will engage your audience by allowing individuals to smell aromas by asking the question, what if scent was a tool to help with depression, anxiety, and sleep problems?

Aromas can make us feel happy, sad, uplifted, relaxed. Scent within a space can change how we feel.

The sciences how scent as a vibration and how scent is a tool.

Meet an incredible visionary who has been scenting spaces for almost twenty-seven years.

A true pioneer, her inspiration for her passion for scent is contagious.

The audience will learn
• The Scented Space – understanding how scent impacts how we feel
• How to use scent to address symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Issues

Who is Tracy Pepe ?

A Distinguished Lecturer to a variety of organizations, Tracy Pepe holds many awards, nominations, and accolades for her work, and is held in very high esteem for articles in support of sensorial solutions where space is concerned.

Tracy’s new scent studio The Scented L’air, located in Down Town Brampton, offers a unique opportunity to individuals who want to learn and explore scents.

A published author and the Chief Perfumer of Nose Knows Design, an olfactive branding company, Tracy has been designing custom sensory collateral scents exclusively for brands. Tracy Speaks internationally ,her program is the only accredited design program on scent design.

Specific Examples of work

Custom Design work for various corporate accounts – Hyatt Place, InterContinental

Educational work how scent assists with mental health - private corporations such as The City of Brampton,  Cupe831.  Research with Wilfred Laurier University

This is my story...Mom and son team who have been working with ADD, ADHD, depression & Tourette’s since Adrian was diagnosed at 4 years.

Just like any concern: nervousness, weight, learning disabilities - you learn how to improve and work with it.

I believe my son was never broken, or needed fixing, I believe we both needed to embrace a new way that worked with his brain. This is my class, how I use science, research, essential oils, scents, to help myself and my son.

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