Elif Köse

Confidence is your superpower!

Elif Köse is a passionate fashion designer and entrepreneur, based in Rottingdean, East Sussex.

She is on a mission to empower women through the power of fashion.

Her story in entrepreneurship is inspiring and her passion to help women in business continues widely.

Her story of how £265 starter pocket money in a country she couldn't even speak the language kicked off in a mobile alteration business and took her to be a global fashion label.

Her expert view in the industry is outstanding and her approach to every client is so special. She has that special touch with people and renowned to repair broken hearts when needed and stitch a smile on every face she meets. No wonder why she is called an empowering fashion designer.

Her story has changed many lives and she has been keynote speaker and guest speaker to many event both online and personal.

Elif is a real advocate for organising women empowerment events and feels like its her responsibility to make a difference in the world and let female voice heard.

As a growing up girl in Turkey in a male dominated society, oppression of her Muslim upbringing affect her confidence and it took her years to build that self confidence and the feeling of worthiness.

Since she found her voice and established herself, she wants to help others to have the same and for everyone to gain their power and get on their driving seat.

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