Renee Dvir

Cloudera Solutions Engineering Manager passionate about cultural and gender diversity in the workplace

Renee is the solution engineering manager for Australia and New Zealand, and is responsible for technical pre-sales, and showcasing the value of Cloudera’s products and future roadmap to Cloudera customers and prospects.

Her passion is solving problems and getting things done in the best way possible. This is not only true in her work life but also in her personal life. For example, before planning a trip or even a day out she will ask everyone involved: “what would make this trip a success for you?”

Renee takes the same attitude and approach in sales, solution design and development. She is naturally curious and always seeks to understand the driving factors or core problem that a customer organisation is facing before providing a solution that will meet the success criteria for all stakeholders.

Renee’s education combined Computer Science and Art History, and she has lived and worked in three continents including North America, Europe and now Australia.

Renee is passionate about cultural and gender diversity in the workplace and is involved in mentorships for women and girls wanting to pursue careers in tech. She has attended Women in tech meetups, conferences and other events around the globe and has spoken at some of these.
Currently, she is involved with the Tech girls Movement foundation and was a mentor for 2020. In 2021 she will be leading the program at a couple of schools in Sydney as well as mentoring.

In 2020, the app that her team of 10 year old girls developed was called Jinder and it won best name (Jinder – tinder for jobs��). As part of the programme, students get hands on experience in all the aspects of developing an app – from market research to coding and solving real life community problems.
Renee has also been collaborating with the Dream Collective and taken part in their events targeted at empowering women in engineering and building more diversity in technology roles.

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