Amal Alhuwayshil

TEDx speaker, Highly engaging, educational and inspiring keynotes, Leadership Coach, Top 40 Under 40 and recently met Oprah Winfrey

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Amal moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toe. She knew she wanted to be a public speaker since she was 19, at a time when she was still in Saudi Arabia, in a fixed marriage, covered head to toe, and her voice was considered forbidden to be heard in public. Her inspiring story, resilience and courage inspire you and your team to live and lead outside the lines, become agents of change and advocate for women's empowerment, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Connect with Amal today for her 2023 IWD keynote: Embracing Courage, Ourselves and Each Other

   1. Amal had the privilege of meeting Oprah, she’s a TEDx Speaker, featured on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch in 2022, and named Top 40 Under 40.

   2. She uniquely combines storytelling, data and a trauma-informed approach, creating an educational, emotional and thought-provoking keynote that moves the hearts, opens the minds of your team and inspires action.

   3.  Backed with her own lived experience, research and data, Amal brings a Canadian and international perspective on women’s rights, gender equity, equality and inclusion.

   1. Celebrate IWD together, have a good laugh, tear up, learn, open their hearts and mind, connect and feel inspired to take action.

   2. Develop their capacity, personal tools and courage to listen, learn and have difficult conversations. Busting down the echo chambers of our beliefs and unconscious patterns is needed more than ever so that we can create an environment where everyone can truly belong, thrive and feel empowered to create.

   3. Understand their unconscious patterns by understanding their nervous system (fight, flight, freeze and fawn) to employ a better understanding of themselves, and how they view and interact with each other. Amal offers inner reflection, outer reflection, and practical solutions and action steps to move forward to embrace equity, diversity and inclusion.

On International Women's Day, we center women and non-binary folks who are/were socialized as females, and we must consider the intersectionality that systems of inequality have. While most of the laws and company policies support equity, diversity and inclusion, the culture of how we interact, value and see each other remains. There's no denying the loud or insidious inequalities, the passing (and constant) comments, the dynamics, the closed doors, glass ceilings, and the internalized beliefs this chronic disempowerment has on each individual. This is a yes and conversation. And having difficult conversations is one of the key ways forward to create a more inclusive, equal and equitable world, together and for each other.

While having a cognitive understanding of a social issue can help tremendously, it is through understanding the trauma that those social issues have on all of us, that we can move forward with a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other and our environments.  This is needed to create an environment based on an ecology of thriving where everyone can feel safe, seen and heard.

Amal delivers her keynotes in an engaging, lighthearted and educational way, a space where your team can learn, evolve, and genuinely care about everyone's thriving. Your team will leave inspired, energized and equipped with tools to embrace equity, courage, themselves and each other.

Amal custom-designs her keynotes based on your needs, industry, event theme and audience. Connect with Amal today to be your guest speaker.

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