Daniela Felletti

Global inclusive recruiter, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advocate at Talents Connection, Founder & Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network

Topics to suggest:

1- Unconscious Bias: What is it and what can we do to eradicate it?
Focus of the talk:
- Bias in the workplace
- Common microaggressions and how leaders can address them
- Ability of leaders to raise awareness of their own biases
- Concrete resources to reduce bias and create a culture of ownership  

2- How to develop inclusive leadership traits of character
Focus of the talk:
- How the leader can develop key competences of inclusive leadership
- Diversity and inclusion: basic concepts
- The importance of cognitive empathy through active listening to create an environment of trust.
- Receptive feedback versus a culture of feeling of belonging.

3- Intersectionality: what is it and why is it important for corporate inclusion strategy?
Focus of the discourse:
- What is intersectionality?
- Intersectionality in the Diversity and Inclusion strategy in the company
- The role of the leader
- The role of human resources in diversity

Language: English

Where: Online (Zoom or other platform the company may provide)

to learn more send me an email to contact@danielafelletti.com

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