Gill Whitty-Collins

'Why Men Win At Work' author: Why we are still living in a man's world & how to make inequality history

Gill Whitty-Collins is the author of 'Why Men Win At Work'. She was born near Liverpool, the youngest of 3 sisters.

After attending the local comprehensive school, she went to study at Cambridge University and, upon graduating, joined Procter & Gamble, where she led global brands such as Olay, Always & Pantene.

She swiftly moved up the ladder to Marketing Director, General Manager and finally Senior Vice President.

That was when she started to see the impact of the gender inequality issue on women and their careers, and saw that it is affecting and defeating talented women everywhere.

Why do men win at work?

If women have equal intelligence and leadership ability, why are they so under-represented at the top in business and society?

Why are we still living in a man's world where most of the top jobs are occupied by men? Gill goes beyond and beneath the surface of the facts and figures on gender inequality and uncovers the psychology behind it and the invisible, unconscious and unintended barriers and drivers - and she shares what we can all personally do address them.

What Gill has experienced, witnessed and learnt about gender equality as a woman in senior management will resonate with people everywhere, whatever their gender, wherever they are working.

Her story and vision will inspire you to join the force to make inequality history.

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