Sunaina Aytan

Winner of TechWomen100 2019, cyber security specialist and advocate for promoting more inclusion and diversity in tech

Sunaina Aytan is a Cyber Security Specialist, a STEMettes Ambassador, mentor and an advocate for inclusion and diversity in Tech.

Winner of TechWomen100 2019, Sunaina has been given recognition for her contribution to the Women in Tech community.

Using her professional cyber security experience, she actively mentors young females who want to pursue careers in tech, delivers technical talks on a range of security topics, aids cooperate businesses and organisation in encouraging more inclusive recruitment and highlights the importance of practicing a more a sustainable and eco-friendly Tech future.

Sunainas' expertise range from delivering technical talk such as 'Going Green in the Cyber Industry' and ' Why AI is the core for a growing Cyber industry' to bringing awareness to issues surrounding the importance of diversity for women in tech and 'Why women can help solve the cyber Security skills crisis'.

Since joining the industry, Sunaina continues to grow and go above and beyond to pave it forward for the future generation of girls in the STEM industry.

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