Louise Corbett

Founder of Women Empowered, certified coach in speaking and presentation

Louise is an Australian who became a citizen of the world. Having lived and worked in 4 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, Louise established Women Empowered in May 2017.

WE is a global community of women with a focus on three main pillars:

1. Financial Empowerment
2. Physical Empowerment
3. Emotional Empowerment

WE was created to gather and reach as many women all over the world as possible with the aim to spread the message and belief that ‘All Women Have Options’.

WE is focused on encouraging and nurturing women to come together and support each other. Sisterhood is powerful!

WE believe that the Empowerment of Women is not a man’s job. Men can certainly support the effort but when we look to men to solve this for us, we become victims.

Women first need to come together to identify the unique gifts we can bring the world (of which there are many), celebrate them and then…stand together to confidently bring them forward to collaborate with men.

WE believe that this approach is empowering for all and is centered around a celebration of the beautiful (and important) differences between genders.

Louise runs and organised women's events (large and small), online platforms and retreats all over the world.

Louise is also a certified coach, voice/presentation/branding coach, meditation teacher, reiki healer and raw food chef.

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