Jamie Dandar McKinney

Empowering women to ditch doubts, speak up and achieve the careers they deserve and desire

Cashing In On Confidence Program invitation/description:

Are you ready to silence self-doubt and build a foundation of unshakable confidence?

When you have a STRONG base of confidence it creates a fortress that allows you to stand up for yourself, speak up and command respect. You don’t get nearly as frazzled or rattled with the people or situations that once intimidated you.

Manage stress better, focus on your strengths effectively and lead with a magnetic resilience.  

In discovering how to Cash in on Confidence, audience members will walk away with:

• A new way to identify key strengths and superpowers for noticeable improvement in workplace performance
• A newfound respect for the power of your thoughts and how to use them to your advantage
• Tips for instantly projecting confidence, leading with confidence, building resilience and achieving professional success
• Insight to avoid the pitfalls of filing for ‘confidence bankruptcy’ by BUILDING and INVESTING in yours NOW!

Speaker mini-bio

Jamie Dandar McKinney, MBA, is a certified virtual speaker and the best selling author of Speak Up, Sister! The Professional Woman's Guide to Confidence and Success. She is a professional coach for businesswomen, a keynote speaker, and workshop leader.

Jamie ignites action by sharing key lessons learned while working her way up in heavily male-dominated industries. Recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a Top Woman in Energy, she jokes that her stilettos have steel-toes. Jamie is fully immersed in her company mission to empower women to ditch doubts, speak up, and achieve the careers they deserve and desire.

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