Rahila Narejo

CEO and Lead Consultant Narejo HR, Leadership Trainer, author, Executive career coach, licensed Psychometrician, NeuroLeadership practitioner

Rahila Narejo went from Los Angeles to Karachi after her parents set up an arranged marriage to a complete stranger.

She found herself in a country where she barely spoke the language, had no friends, no relatives, and no hope of ever going back to her "home" in the US.

She suffered emotional, mental, and even physical abuse before she finally mustered up the courage to stand up for herself. Married into an extremely conservative Pakistani family where women stepping out of the house was unheard of, by the force of sheer will Rahila emerged onto the Pakistani corporate world and quickly established herself as a brand name in HR Consulting.

Soon after she was approached by the country's largest English newspaper, The Dawn, and a 10-year running, weekly advice column called Workplace Sanity was born.

Rahila likes to call herself the therapist and best friend that actually knows what they are talking about.

In her consulting and coaching work she gives practical strategies and tools based on the science of peak performance, the psychology of influence, and hard-core real-life experience. No fluff, no cryptic mumbo-jumbo, just science-backed, commonsense, actionable advice.

Rahila has worked with countless Multinational and local organizations as an HR Consultant, including big names such as Unilever, Standard Chartered Bank, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Telenor.

Thousands have read and used the career advice in her syndicated column and book.

And the best thing of all she says is that hundreds of women have accelerated their careers with her uncanny commonsense advice.

Rahila's passion is providing professional women the strategy and support they need to achieve their wildest dreams because any other type of dream just won’t do!

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