Egbe Manton

Entrepreneur, international lawyer, IWD keynote topic "why female entrepreneurship is a non-negotiable at the investment table"

Egbe Manton is not your average entrepreneur or corporate lawyer.

An entrepreneur who founded unique law consultancy Manton Legal, Egbe is an all-round change-maker, on a mission to challenge convention and disrupt the legal space, pulling it up by its bootstraps and dragging it firmly into the 21st century.

A highly sought-after dynamic speaker, an engaging educator, and confident workshop host Egbe is always looking for ways to create a positive impact through championing gender equality, social change and encouraging inclusion and diversity.

Having lived and fought against institutionalised prejudices, Egbe is a proud and perfect example of becoming a successful entrepreneur, against the odds.


IWD Keynote speech: "Why female entrepreneurship is a non-negotiable at the investment table".

The British Business Bank study (2019) found that for every £1 of venture capital investment made in the UK, female founders got just 1p, mixed-gender founder-teams got 10p, and 89p went to all-male founders, so why are female founders not accessing the venture capital funding they need?

As a successful female change-maker and entrepreneur, Egbe Manton has worked with both investors and startups seeking investment. She is passionate about female equality and often challenges why women are so often missing from the investment table. In an engaging talk, she will explore why women may be shrinking away from this space, how this can be tackled and how we can dismantle the archaic systems that are stacked against them.


-Why Diversity and Inclusion is a non-negotiable
-Why gender equality in Law is a non-negotiable


- Enterprise Nation, TSB, DELL, O2
- Thought leadership on gender equality, diversity and inclusion and social change on several well known business podcasts
- Private speaking events on diversity and inclusion, social change and gender equality

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