Lisa Altenpohl

Feminist, activist, keynote speaker, actress, coach focused on female empowerment, trainer, and female educator

Lisa Altenpohl is a Berlin based actress and coach that looks back upon a various number of workshops,seminars and lectures held for women and young girls.

As a keynote speaker she is focused on feminist topics and everything around womanhood. It is her mission to support other women to come to power by creating an understanding of the patriarchal structures we live in.

Lisa is known for her work as a female empowerment coach. She is an expert for topics such as female sexuality, menstruation and the female principle.

She combines this knowledge with a practical approach that involves the body.

If women want to come to power they need to use everything they have.

Their mind, their body and their voice.

She is happy and eager to share her knowledge with women all other the world.

See Lisa's latest work on YouTube: the power of woman.

An hommage to womanhood.

Copyright picture: Malina Ebert

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