Dipika Trehan

Corporate diva revolutionizing leadership with elements of womanhood

“Making a woman fall in love again, this time with HERSELF”! Dipika Trehan created “The Health of Women Forum” which is the parent organization of Corporate Diva with this motto in her mind.

Corporate Diva is a capability development platform; transforming women professionals into women leaders.

From time immemorial, the feminine gender has been expected to physically match up to parameters that the society defines as GIRL and intellectually, emotionally possess wisdom, that of a wise lady.

In midst of it all… she’s made to forget the woman she’s strived so hard all her life to be. At Corporate Diva, we urge women professionals to own their womanhood and step forward to “LEAD LIKE A WOMAN”.

Corporate Diva offers a strong platform to credible women at work to come together,  embark on a self-growth journey where they Invest in their development, learn the nuances of leadership from stalwarts and build a cohesive and progressive network.

This platform addresses to the entire life cycle of women professionals to blur gender gaps at every step. The programs range from addressing the need of young women and interns to get them corporate ready, to activation and realization of emerging women leaders, to enabling effective segue of senior leaders into higher levels in the corporate ladder and even enabling returning career women identify the Diva within and self-employed/women Entrepreneurs to become successful.

Email: dipika@corporate-diva.com
website: www.corporate-diva.com
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dipika-trehan/
Call: +91 8861234850

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