Dominique D. Wilson

Women's Circle Facilitator

"Sisterhood is The Medicine: How To Foster Real Connection, Healing & Support"
(Workshop or Keynote Presentation)

Today, the world is more connected than any other time in history. Yet, many modern women are suffering in silence from the harsh reality and stress of chronic loneliness. Despite being surrounded by other people we are busy, isolated, exhausted, overworked, underappreciated, and we wear masks just to survive. The good news is that women have gathered and thrived when backed by the support of a village since ancient times. By reclaiming and reframing the art of gathering through modern sharing circles, more women can recreate the village for themselves. This can lead to less stress, greater personal fulfillment, and better community health outcomes. This workshop is a guide for any woman desiring deeper connection, support, friendship, self-confidence, and personal growth

In this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

►  Learn how sisterhood can promote happiness and better health outcomes
►  Understand the impact of stress and transgenerational trauma on modern womanhood
►  Learn how to heal yourself and empower others through a holistic approach to self-care
►  Practice sharing, receiving support, and holding healing space for others as a circle leader
►  Develop your own sharing circle outline for use within your family and/or community

Attendees will walk away with actionable practices for self-care, skills to foster deeper intimacy in friendship, and a written template to create their own sharing circle if desired.


Dominique D. Wilson is the creator of the Yes To You Podcast and founder of Rohini Wellness—a women's empowerment company. Her mission is empowering women to experience their most luxurious life by owning their power, pleasure, and presence. As a group facilitator, she creates friendly spaces where women can connect, heal, be seen, be heard, and be celebrated for who they are as unique individuals.

Rohini Wellness was born in 2014 after her divorce as a creative way to transform her pain into purpose. Specializing in holistic wellness and personal development—she has facilitated over 40 workshops for nonprofit organizations and civic groups such as Strong Women, Strong Girls, Miami Music Ministries, and Toastmasters Leadership Institute. She now uses her experience to empower women through her books, inspirational content, and women's circles.

She is also a Naturopathic Reiki Master Teacher, a yoga teacher, and the author of the Create Your Vision Workbook. In her free time—Dominique is a homeschooling mom, wife, and bona fide hedonist! She delights in travel, the arts, red wine, and dancing the night away as often as possible. Her motto is: “You get to choose how you show up in life. Love yourself fiercely, own your story, and say YES to YOU!”

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