Nikki Tiedeman

Mindfulness coach passionate about enabling successful professionals to slow down and find balance in life

Nikki Tiedeman is a mindfulness coach and wellness advocate who works with successful, professional women (and men) to develop a strong working partnership that enables them to thrive as they navigate life's transitions and creation.  

As the founder of Slow Coaching Co., her business, she is passionate about radiating the goodness of the 'slow life' to help others quit 'the grind' in order to find the balance in life that they crave.  

Along with her 11 plus years of experience as a people leader, she is also an avid marathon runner, reader and world traveller.  However, she prefers to describe herself as a collector of stories, a wild adventurer, mama-bear and ocean lover.

Whether she is coaching clients one on one, facilitating her signature 7-week Workplace Wellness Program or delivering a keynote she openly and candidly shares the wellness practices that enrich her life.  She celebrates eccentricity and individuality to bring to life her vision of normalising and making the prioritisation of one's mental wellbeing, be easy.  Combining her skills she delivers engaging and inspiring, yet relatable and fun content, no matter what capacity she is interacting in.  

Topics that Nikki is passionate about speaking on include but are not limited to:

- Learning to listen to the whispers of your true calling.
- How to slow down in the busy-ness of today's world.
- How to break the cycle of 'should-ism', (aka leading a life according to what you think you 'should' be doing).
- How to find your purpose in life.
- How to easily incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.
- Getting your habits to stick.

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